South West


Breathing Fire Black Women’s Playback Company

Breathing Fire are a group of Black women of Afrikan/Carribean descent who are committed to the empowerment of those who have historically been denied a voice.

Key contacts: Valerie Mower, Ruth Pitter or Vanessa Boyawa.
Telephone: 07971 520 366


Playback Theatre South West

Playback Theatre South West delivers training and facilitates performances in Playback Theatre through their companies Mirror Mirror (who provide bespoke theatre performances for organisations and businesses) and Tarte Noir (who create performances that are dedicated to exploring and affirming the everyday stories and experiences that affect women’s lives).

Key contacts: Alison Fairlove or Amanda Brown.
Telephone: Alison Fairlove: 07958 183326
Amanda Brown: 07875097209

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Playback Practitioners

Amanda Brown – Totnes, Devon –

Alison Fairlove – Totnes, Devon –

Brian White – Cornwall –

Brian Tasker – Stroud –

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