Trauma and Authentic Body Movement workshop
with Shirley Legum
TraumaWhat do we mean by a traumatic story? How can we perform it on stage? What do we listen for? How can we use it for personal and communal healing?
Authentic acting – How do we connect to our true emotions? How do we communicate them in our acting? How can we be in the here and now?
Movement – How to use body movement to express yourself? How can we use less words to create drama on stage? 
This is a participatory workshop, aimed at those already experienced in or familiar with Playback Theatre. Those with different movement or performance backgrounds are welcome, but please let us know when you book.
Sat 18 March 10:00-18:00 & Sun 19 March 10:00-16:30
Middle Street Resource Centre, Beeston
Nottingham, NG9 2AR
Cost £120 (concessions may be negotiated)
To book your place and for further information,
please email

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