London Playback Theatre

London Playback Theatre Company works with audiences in the telling and re-playing of their stories. They offer performances and workshops which provide a safe space for individual voices to be heard and collective themes to emerge. Through the spontaneity and vibrancy of improvisational techniques, they create theatre which engages audiences – body, mind and spirit. Their work offers opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of each other and to develop authentic ways of communicating. They honour the multiplicity of voices in any group or context.

Key contact: Veronica Needa.

True Heart Theatre

Since 2006, True Heart have been creating a platform for British Chinese faces & voices to be seen & heard through their work in mainstream scripted productions and in applied theatre contexts. They have been enabling people – young and old – to reflect on their lives, learn from each other, and be joyfully entertained with stories brought alive through theatre.

Key contact: Veronica Needa.

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